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I assume you're reading this because you're interested in who I am, and you may be wondering if I'm the kind of person you would like to work with. All great questions!

I strive for excellence in everything I do. I'm articulate, creative, friendly, kind, incredibly focused, and I bring value to every set I am on. I have a great sense of humour :) I like smiling and  being very upbeat on set. The only time I'm not smiling is when I'm preparing for an emotional scene. I know everyone is working hard to create something great, and I like to focus my energy on the greatness. I believe it's my obligation to not only do my job, but to also go the extra mile whenever possible. I really care about the production, and I push myself for the character.

I'm an excellent listener, and I take direction well, if I'm ever unsure of anything, I take a moment to ask and clarify. I want to bring the best performance to the project to enhance the finished product.

My goal is to continue to work on films, commercials, and television shows for subjects and products that I believe in. Projects that tell an interesting story, that add value to people lives, allow them to escape their realities for a moment, learn something, or forget something and just get taken away to an alternate realm.

As a hobby I do some photography, so beautiful direction, art direction, and cinematography really turn me on. Things like the rule of thirds being perfectly and liberally applied, colour matching and blocking, beautiful lighting, excellent editing etc all really get me excited about the finished product.

As an actor it's especially exciting to get a well written script, and a ton of information on the character. I love to be prepared for work. I can bring my best performance when I know the plan and can follow along, and I know my character, so I can bring her to life.

Many productions either National or International film in Canada for tax rebates. I do have a CAVCO # and i'm happy to pass that on to your production for the benefit of your savings.

I'm interested in working with like-minded talented people who are also passionate and have a strong work ethic. If you're thinking about booking me for a role, please contact my agent, Stephanie with Top Talent Management. We will be so happy to serve you, and to work with you :)